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1st edition of the Digital Accessibility Barometer

Discover the 2023 digital accessibility barometer

This study compiles the results of audits carried out on 50 of the most visited websites in France.

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The objectives of this first edition are to:

  1. 1

    Provide an initial assessment, which will serve as a benchmark for measuring the evolution of accessibility practices among the most visited websites in France.

  2. 2

    Raise awareness around the importance of digital accessibility to encourage companies and organizations to take action.

  3. 3

    Contribute to the collective effort and commitment towards a more inclusive digital world.

  1. statistic: 1 out of 50

    Only 1 out of 50 sites is 100% compliant from a legal standpoint - This is a public sector website.

  2. statistic: 1 out of 2

    1 out of 2 websites in France does not achieve legal compliance, in particular, the requirements to publish an accessibility statement and a multi-year plan.